I was born in Chicago (that was rough).  I later moved to the Land of Lost Angels and attended Hollywood High School, where I met Warren Zevon (for those who know their rock’n roll).  I recorded on White Whale Records with The Turtles and sang our hit song, FOLLOW ME, under the pseudonym of lyme & cybelle on the Sunset Strip (with Van Morrison as our opening act).  In other words, 1968 was more than interesting to say the least.  

In order to save myself on the eve of destruction, I decided to go into theatre and was awarded a full scholarship to USC on the spot.  After learning the triple time step and paying my dues at the Bluth Bros. Theatre (my Wicked Witch was hairy, but General Cartwright was scary), I decided to go big time and leave home.  I was married, left home and moved to New Yawk New Yawk all on the same day!!!  Two weeks after moving to the Lower East Side in Manhattan, I found myself in an Off Broadway piece called PEACE (crazy huh?) in which I played a character referred to as Abundance.  Two weeks later, I was Martha Raye’s maid in a new musical called HELLO SUCKER and after two years of belly dancing with Richard Kiley in the MAN OF LA MANCHA, I starred in Ron Field’s Broadway production of ON THE TOWN.  All the meanwhile, I performed regularly at the infamous Continental Baths (Andy Kaufman being my opening act) and continued my journey Off B’way and into Regional Theatre.  My cabaret shows originated at Reno Sweeney’s, where I met Saturday Night Live composer, Cheryl Hardwick, and writer, Pinky Rawsthorne.  At one point I even opened for Milton Berle (now that’s funny). 

Into the 80’s, Uptown got the fever that Downtown was the Happening Place to be a creative artist, actor or musician... and so did Laura! Danceteria, Limelight and Club 57 became my new homes for experimentation.  At these venues, I co-wrote TRILOGY OF TERROR with Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman and starred in Robert I's breakthrough musical, DEMENTO'S.  Soon afterward, I journeyed back uptown and was featured in Tommy Tune's Tony award-winning Broadway musical NINE.  On my off-nights from NINE, I performed in THE BALLAD OF JUNE COOL at LaMama.  After Nine closed, Dennis Deal's NITE CLUB CONFIDENTIAL, kept me on my spike heels until I joined the company of the B’way musical, TITANIC.

My life has been full of UP(town) and DOWN(town) experiences.  I’ve written with Warren Zevon,  had more than fifteen minutes at the Warhol Factory, worked with gifted directors, composers, and artists (Tom Hooper) and developed my craft through the eyes of the inspired actress, Alice Spivak, who is also my mentor and acting coach.  I recently ended my run as the Baronessa Serafina Delle Rose in Tennessee Williams', The Rose Tattoo, and I continue to inspire and educate young artists with the experiences that I have had in my career.  

In closing, I may not be Bob Dylan, Mother Teresa or even Madge Tweeden, but nonetheless, I continue to remove my eye lashes and ALL my make-up every single night before my head is one with my satin pillow............or do I?





The Tables Have TurnedLaura Kenyon
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